Master and TP IV Projects

The master projects available in our Lab reflect our current research interests.
A strong statistical physics background and good numerical and analytical skills are necessary to be able to effectively tackle the Master projects. They can be acquired either during 3rd and 4th year courses, or during the TP IV with us.

Master projects

Master projects are available on the following subjects:

  • Physics of Proteins and of DNA
  • Complex Networks

Fourth year projects (TP IV)

The TP IV projects aim at providing the students with the necessary tools to undertake the subsequent diploma projects. As such a strong reinforcement of knowledges of statistical physics of phase transitions and of stochastic processes is important (Physique Statistique III and IV).
Moreover it is important to get acquainted with some basic numerical techniques such as Monte Carlo simulations and/or numerical solution of stochastic and differential equations. A course that could help at that is Simulations Numeriques de Systemes Physiques I et II.
Yet, we do not impose any course attendence for the TP IV.

The TP IV topics cover the same areas as the diploma projects, namely Physics of Proteins and of DNA and Complex Networks, although without entering into the details as for Diploma Projects.

Students aiming for projects on the statistical physics of proteins might want to attend the course “Physique Statistique des Biomacromolecules” whose goal is to introduce the statistical physics of polymers and how it helps our understanding of the physics of proteins.

As a general rule, students who choose our Lab can work with us also for their Diploma: no selection is carried out along the fourth year.